Curriculum Vitae of Hon. Keith Martin MD

Hon. Dr. Keith Martin MD, PC


  • To apply my extensive political, diplomatic and communication experiences and skills to assist and advise governments, international organizations and the private sector to address domestic and international challenges.
  • To build and mobilize Canadian and international partnerships between the private sector, governments, foundations, research institutions, universities, large multilateral institutions, NGOs and the public, to create and implement innovative projects in global health, international development, conservation, and the environment.
  • To apply existing research in global health, conservation, and the environment and utilize this knowledge to capacity-build in low income countries.
  • To mainstream sustainable conservation and environmental practices into international development initiatives to achieve positive outcomes in health, economic and social development, the environment and human security.
  • To build corporate social responsibility initiatives to produce positive triple bottom line outcomes.


I have developed a unique skill set from 17 years experience as a Canadian Member of Parliament and as a physician who practiced emergency medicine and general practice in Canada and Africa. I have specialized in the following policy areas: health care, foreign affairs, international development, the environment, social program renewal, defence and poverty reduction. My medical training has enabled me to promote and incorporate scientific research in the development of sound public policies and initiatives.  I created a number of initiatives to address environmental, foreign policy, and global health challenges. The focus over the years has been to build practical and implementable solutions.  At the center of my experience lies a demonstrated ability to build extensive, effective networks and provide leadership in political diplomacy, strategic planning and policy development. Critical analysis, public speaking, campaign-building, issues advocacy, creating stakeholder engagement programs, strategic positioning and creative marketing are other skills I possess.


Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Ottawa Canada, 1993-2011

  • Represented the riding of Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, British Columbia for six consecutive terms at the national level.
  • Parliamentary Secretary for National Defense, 2004-2006.
  • Appointed to the Queen’s Privy Council under Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2004.
  • Shadow ministerial portfolios: Foreign Affairs; International Development; Health; and Amateur Sport, Health Promotion and the Vancouver Olympics.
  • Parliamentary Committees: Foreign Affairs, Health, Defence.
  • Represented Canada in diplomatic missions and international meetings (Australia, Burkina Faso, China, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan,  Jordan, Korea, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Qatar, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, UK, United States, Zimbabwe).
  • Represented Canada at the G8 International Parliamentarians’ Conference for Global Health in Berlin 2007, Japan 2008, and Rome 2009. Chaired the drafting committees in 2008 and 2009 that created a plan of action to reduce maternal and childhood mortality that was given to the G8 leaders.

Political Initiatives: International

  • Examples of parliamentary initiatives: That Canada work with the international community to develop and implement a rules-based mechanism for the prevention of deadly conflict; the development of an UN-based international 911 response system for natural disasters; that Canada take a leadership role in the international effort to ban landmines; led in negotiating a position in Parliament on Canada’s mission to Afghanistan.
  • Developed and championed initiatives to prevent the slaughter of civilians in Rwanda, DRC, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the former Yugoslavia.
  • Developed numerous initiatives, major projects and communication products for global health, foreign affairs, humanitarian aid, conservation and the environment.

Global Health

1. Initiated and led collaborative efforts between governments and NGOs and multilateral institutions to secure vital emergency supplies for the following:

  • The delivery of a multi-million dollar shipment of medical supplies and medications for maternal and child health centers in a flood ravaged area in Northern Pakistan (2011).
  • The  delivery of $75 000 of urgently needed surgical supplies to the HEAL Africa Hospital in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2010).
  • Initiated the funding and shipment of 64 000 doses of antibiotics valued at $5 million, for the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe (2008).
  • Organized shipment of a 40 foot container of medical supplies to the Salvation Army’s Howard Hospital in Zimbabwe (2008).
  • Organized the shipment of a container of medical supplies for maternal and infant care to the LA Hospital in Accra, Ghana (2008).
  • Initiated and helped to organize the largest private shipment of medical supplies, valued at $16 million, to the WHO for Tsunami relief in Sri Lanka (2005).
  • Organized a container of medical supplies to a hospital in Sudan (2002).

2. Canadian Physicians Overseas Program (CPOP) 


  • Created in 2006, an online site which enables interested partners to support small NGOs and initiatives for people in need in Canada and abroad.

4. Centers for International Health and Development (CIHD) 

  • In 2008, developed the CIHD initiative to harness the professional skills within universities to build capacity in institutions in developing countries. CIHDs would foster north-south and south-south multidisciplinary partnerships to improve knowledge sharing and roll out effective solutions to address the health and development needs of low income countries.

5. Maternal and Child Health

  • Initiated and coordinated an all-party conference on Parliament Hill on maternal health prior to Canada hosting the 2010 G8 Summit.
  • Developed and championed a plan domestically and internationally to reduce maternal and childhood mortality.
  • Created the Facebook group, Saving Mothers’ Lives.
  • Promoted plans of action through domestic and international media and social media.

6. Recent public addresses on global health

  • Annual Conference of the Association of Surgeons of India. Topic: Collaborative opportunities in Health between India _ Canada, New Delhi (Dec. 2010).
  • Women Deliver Conference, Washington DC. Topic: Plan to Reduce Maternal and Childhood Mortality (2010).
  • Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH), University of Washington. Topic: Primary Care as a Common  Pathway Achieve the MDGs (2010).
  • Neglected Global Diseases Symposium, University of British Columbia. Topic: The Case for Universities as Capacity-Builders in Low Income Countries (2010).
  • Merinoff Symposium on Sepsis, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, New York. Topic: Bridging the Knowledge-Needs Gap in Low Income Countries (2010).
  • Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research, Ottawa, ON. Topic: The Case for Universities as Capacity-Builders in Low Income Countries (2010).
  • The Canadian Association of International Development Consultants. Topic: Modernizing Canadian International Development (2009).

Conservation and Environmental Initiatives

1. International  Conservation Caucus

  • Founder and Chair of the Canadian Parliament’s first all-party International Conservation Caucus, 2008-2011.
  • Was created to connect leading environmental scientists with parliamentarians, diplomats, and NGOs in order to inform environmental policies based on the best scientific research available.
  • Serves as a mechanism to enable participants to network and collaborate to develop solutions that improve human security and environmental security.
  • Guest speakers included: Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Sandra Postal (fresh water specialist), Dr. Ernie Cooper (TRAFFIC/WWF), Ed Struzik (Arctic scientist), members of the IPCC and others.

2. International Conservation Forum Website (ICForum)

  • Created an interactive online conservation website, in 2009.
  • Created twitter account for site: @icforuminfo.
  • Purpose is to highlight and spread awareness on environmental issues such as conservation, biodiversity loss and climate change.
  • Provides a forum to mobilize people to promote the adoption of best environmental practices and address specific conservation challenges.
  • ICForum integrates multimedia such as videos on a wide variety of environmental issues.
  • Contains specific conservation campaigns to save specific species from the brink of extinction, for example, rhinos and tigers.

3. “The Horn”

  • Created an e-newsletter of the ICForum sent to the media, NGOs, parliamentarians and the public highlighting specific topics in conservation and the environment.

4. International Union of Conservation Legislators (IUCL)

  • Worked with senior members of the International Union of the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Globe International to create in 2011 the IUCL – a database to connect legislators from around the world with the IUCN scientists.
  • To promote and engender collaboration between scientists and legislators to address the most urgent conservation and environmental challenges of our time.

Political Initiatives: Domestic

  • Legislative initiatives include: Private Members Bill, C-232 - An Act respecting the creation of sanctuaries for endangered species of wildlife (October 2002); a plan of action to improve organ donation in Canada; reforming and modernizing Canada’s health care system; implementing a national early-learning head-start program; reforming Canada’s pension program; mental health; productivity; reducing the trafficking of illegal wildlife products; protecting critical ecosystems and biodiversity loss; creating specific conservation campaigns; numerous foreign policy initiatives to address acute crises.
  • Successfully partnered with the Assembly of First Nations and Jane Goodall’s Roots _ Shoots program to launch Roots _ Shoots in First Nation communities in Canada (2009).
  • Highlighted poverty, housing crisis and health challenges in First Nations using parliamentary tactics and social media such as Youtube videos, twitter and Facebook.

Physician 1987-2006

  • Emergency Medicine and General Practice in British Columbia.
  • Provided health care in remote communities, jails and detox units in northern BC.
  • Provided medical care in a rural South African hospital during the civil war adjacent to Mozambique, 1986, 1990-91.


  • 17 years of extensive media experience in print, TV, radio and social media.
  • Wrote a bi-weekly column on public affairs (1995-2011).
  • Over 150 opinion editorial pieces have been published in various national, regional and local newspapers.
  • Integration of social media into strategic and communications plans such as twitter and Facebook.
  • Created Facebook sites to mobilize support on key initiatives.
  • Use of e-tools such as e-newsletters distributed to networks via email, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube
  • Is a frequent guest on national television and radio current events and political programs.
  • Created and hosted a nationally syndicated current affairs television program, Beyond Politics (1997-2000).
  • Has extensive national media-relations networks


I have written over 150 editorial pieces that have been published in Canada’s major newspapers on a wide variety of issues including foreign policy, international development, global health, health care reform, the environment and social policy. See for the articles.

Journals and Books

Keith Martin, “Bill C-204 of 2008: The Sudan Accountability Act”, Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, (Vol. 3 2009).

-----, “The case for Insite”, Editorial, National Review of Medicine (Vol. 5, No. 6, June 2008).

-----, “New Measures in Conflict Prevention”, Canadian Journal of Foreign Policy, Vol. 4, No. 1 (Spring 1996).

-----, Parliamentary Reform, in Stephen Brooks, ed (forthcoming).


Doctor of Medicine, University of Toronto, 1986.

Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto (High Distinction), 1982.


Inducted as an honorary fellow of the Association of Surgeons of India, December 2010.

Named by CBC National News in its yearly roundup as Canada’s most underrated politician in December 2009 and 2010.

National Post Editorial Board, “A fond farewell to a fine MP”, November 10, 2010.

The Times-Colonist Editorial Board, “Keith Martin’s fine record”, November 2010.

Honoured by the Sierra Club of Canada for work on the environment, 2008.

Selected by Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine as one of Canada’s top 100 leaders of tomorrow.


Member of the Royal College of Physicians Advisory Committee on International Initiatives.

Appointed to the National Academy of Sciences, Partnership Group for Science and Engineering.

Past Member of the Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association.

Past Member of the Canada-US Parliamentary Association.

Past Member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.